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Nature on our doorstep

A bonus which came with the housing development off Fishpool Way was the Millennium Park. The provision of this recreational amenity was a requirement of the planning approval for the development. Many Barrow Voice readers will have enjoyed walks in the Park and it is certainly appreciated by large numbers of dog walkers.

In 1998 a ‘Millennium Group’ was formed to organise events throughout the Millennium year. The events which they organised raised £12,000 for the village and this was required to be used for a community project as a lasting memorial of the Millennium. The agreed project was for developing the Millennium Park for the benefit of the community. It included the sundial, giant thrush’s eggs, perimeter path, native wild flower areas and native tree planting to add to the existing mature trees. Village groups were invited to take part in tree planting to generate interest in the site.

The wild flowers sown or planted included primroses, cowslips and wild daffodils along the bank beside Fishpool Way; and bluebells and snowdrops on the side away from the road adjacent to the bridleway. A wild flower meadow was created on damp ground at the Melton Road end of the Park.

Some surveys have been carried out to identify species of plants and other wildlife within the Park, and a portfolio of photographs is being put together to record the diversity of life which can be found there, including mammals, birds, invertebrates, grasses, mosses and lichens. Some of the photographs have already been used in exhibitions both within the village and elsewhere helping create some interest in the project.

Earlier this year the Parish Council and Barrow Community Association decided to sponsor a booklet to record the development of the park and its natural history with sample photographs to illustrate it. A small team has been established to guide this Barrow Heritage group project. We will be pleased to receive contributions for this from any readers who are interested. This could be in the form of photographs, surveys or other aspects of interest. Please send any contributions to:

Please keep an eye on the village website for dates when interested people can meet to help in the process of identification and recording: /barrowuponsoar/local-events