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A big ‘hello’ to everyone in Barrow

My name is Terry Lang. My husband Pete, daughter Nicola and I lived at 9 Beaumont Road, next door to Dee and Bob Chamberlain, from 1989 until 1997, when my daughter Nicola and I moved back to Greenock, Scotland. I loved it in Barrow and often think of my life there.

As ex-squaddies from Garats Hay Barracks, Old Woodhouse, we made our home in the village. When I separated from Nicola’s dad, Nicola and I moved to be nearer to my family; however, I’ve never forgotten the friends I made in Barrow. Nicola was best friends with Charlotte Shireffs, Catherine Llewelyn and Hayley and Mel Cornish. Nicola attended Sacred Heart Primary School in Loughborough and now works in Magalluf, Mallorca at BCM, the biggest nightclub of its kind in Europe.

Barrow is always in my thoughts and next May, I hope to attend the Royal Signals reunion in the village. I have always wanted to return and next year, I have an excuse to do so. Barrow holds many lovely memories for me. I once lost my purse, only to find, three weeks later, that it was sitting in the chemist’s, waiting for me!! They knew it was mine, but didn’t know my telephone number and were waiting for me to come back. When I next went in, they asked me if there was something I was missing? How’s that for service!

I sold Tupperware for a while (when I left the army) and also worked for Alliance & Leicester, at M&G Services, 6 High Street. I would have loved to remain in Barrow, but circumstances did not permit it. My good wishes to you all. I still have copies of the old Barrow Voice (I’m a hoarder) from no.53, Winter 1991 to no.70, Winter 1997.

Love to one and all. See you sometime in the future.