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Village Life

Last summer, Network Rail closed the pedestrian and bridle crossing over the railway line that links Sileby Road with the fields at the back of Grove Lane and Breachfield Road. They did this on safety grounds after a train driver reported someone on the crossing as a train approached; apparently a near miss.

Network Rail conducted an excellent public meeting last autumn at which much relevant information was revealed. For example, a usage survey had been carried out some years earlier and established this as a very well-used pedestrian route but a very little used route for horses and cattle. This finding means that Network Rail will be obliged to reopen a safe pedestrian route but might relocate the bridle way. A number of possible solutions were explained and the opinions sought of the 50+ people who attended.

Following this, there was a big meeting between NR, landowners and other stake holders in May. The options then went to the Network Rail investment panel at the end of July. We understand that a decision was made to build a pedestrian footbridge and that investigations have begun to look at the details of the solution.

Judith Rodgers

Volunteer drivers needed

Calling all drivers! Could you spare about four hours per month to drive people who are not very mobile, but may have to get to the doctor or a hospital appointment, etc.?

We are presently receiving requests from villages throughout the South Charnwood area, but unfortunately we do not have sufficient drivers to ensure that we can answer every request. We understand that volunteers are not always available, so we need to have a larger list to compensate when other drivers are on holiday / have family commitments, etc.

Mileage is paid and most insurance companies cover volunteer drivers at no extra cost - we provide the form to send to your own insurance company.

As well as providing a valuable service, it is very sociable taking out the clients. If you have taken early retirement, or have been made redundant or have a car available - we would love to have an informal discussion on the service that the Syston and District Volunteer Centre provide (with no commitment at this stage).

Telephone 0116 2607888 (9.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. Monday to Friday)

LINk - make it happen

At the recent BUSCA Signpost evening, I got chatting to Ian Clowes who is an Engagement Officer for LINk which is a Local Involvement Network in Leicestershire?

What is LINk, I wanted to know? It is the collective voice of the people of Leicestershire on health and social care situations, I was told. There are LINks in every local authority area in England and the Leicestershire one will be working in partnership with those in Leicester, Rutland and adjoining counties. These local groups give you a voice in how local health and social care services are run. You can join as an individual member or as an organisation and LINk would be happy to come and talk to your group. LINk is interested in pursuing your concerns on issues as varied as: mental health services, patient transport to and from medical appointments and cancer care.

Interested? Visit Leicestershire LINk at : or phone
0116 234 1577.
Frances Thompson