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Barrow Panto Group is 21

I know coming of age is now considered to be 18, but I thought it would be nice to mention that 2018 marks the 21st year since the group’s first production. It was Humpty Dumpty. Have you ever heard of a pantomime called Humpty Dumpty? Actually, I did go to a panto production at Hinckley a few years ago called, Humpty Dumpty, “Oh Yes I did!” It was nothing like the Barrow version.

In the early days of Barrow Panto, members of the group would write the scripts, sometimes just one person wrote it, at other times a group of people would make contributions. This went on for a few years, then for some time the group purchased scripts, but the home-grown ones were always the best in my opinion.

Going back to the big guy, I’m wondering if any readers remember the story of ‘Humpty and Dina Sauraus’, with a multitude of nursery rhyme characters in addition to King and Queen Jel and their son… wait for it… Jel. Son! Plus their other children, the Jelly Babies! I recall that dear Doctor Earl was the dame. He could never remember his lines! We had such a lot of fun as I’m sure the group continues to do so nowadays. It goes with the territory!

It would be good to record some of your memories in the next issue of Barrow Voice. Do you remember Abanazar’s beard flying off into the audience, the millennium production of Jack and the Beanstalk, the fire brigade having to come out at a dress- rehearsal as the smoke alarm had been activated or Richard (dame) having the whole audience on their feet doing Gangnam Style? So, if anyone who is, or has ever been, part of Barrow Panto Group has a memory they would like to share please write to me, Ginnie Willcocks, care of the editor of Barrow Voice at: editor@barrowvoice.co.uk

Ginnie Willcocks