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Midsummer Magic at the Trap

The Trap will once again be holding its Midsummer Music all-day charity bash on Saturday June 11th.

The beneficiary this year will be the Air Ambulance. Anyone prepared to give some time to help, and any bands wishing to play, please contact Malc Wagg on 01509 413229.

Pudding Plod 2004

Ginny Willcocks looks back a the Christmas walk (but you could do it any time)

There are a number of interesting challenges to consider about this annual event. For instance, you never know how many people will turn up, what age range you have to provide for, if there are dogs will they fight and the one thing you definitely do not have any control over, what the weather will be like. My thoughts about this are, well if noone turns up I can just go home but thankfully this has never happened.As far as ages are concerned I decide, when I'm planning which route to take, that I will go for a distance that is not too challenging and am always willing to slow the pace down if necessary. As far as the dogs are concerned I rely on the owners to know their pets and their behaviour and there has never been a problem, so far. Finally, the weather, no comment, there's no point!

This year I decided that the walk would not go far from the village boundaries.This would enable us to take in the river, the railway, the millennium park with the gnomon and 'mud alley'. My thoughts when planning this route focussed on the possibility that those who wanted to leave early could do so and would not have too far to go walk in order to get home.

The weather on the day was dry, frosty and bright.There were 15 of us at 10am, 17 if you count the dogs. Just as we were about to set off I could see a lady and a young child hurrying towards us from the direction of South Street. She asked if we could wait a few minutes for her daughter and the rest of her family. Everyone agreed and by the time we set off at 10 past 10 there were 22 of us plus the dogs.

We walked down Brigg's Hill, Bridge Street, and then up Cliff Hill, the steep alley way that leads to the footbridge, and over the railway line to Cotes Road.We reached the fields at the top of Thirlmere Road and I was asked to slow the pace down, it was too fast for some of the older walkers.We took a slow wander along 'mud alley' which was not muddy except for a few feet at the Nottingham Road end! This was a first for me as even in the summer months this bridle way is mucky.

The next part of the walk took us along the roadside so we needed to take extra care. Drivers zip along here as though they are on the motorway.We soon reached Parson's Close. Allotments always look sad and neglected at this time of year and these were no exception. From here we made our way to the Millennium Park where we had a tea break and snack. Christmas chocolates and mince pies were in abundance as were opinions about how the gnomon works and what time it was showing.

After the park two walkers and their dog left us just before we entered the conservation area, off Pawdy. From the top of the hill we followed the path across the field towards the railway line.We had to cross the line, near to where the Lafarge train loads up.The care needed to do this was so relevant. I spotted a train coming from the Loughborough direction as only half of the group had crossed.The rest of us crossed eventually and within a few minutes of all of us crossing the line yet another express rushed through.

At the bottom of the hill, on Sileby Road, we took the 'jitty' to Avon Road and walked along Welland Road, Ribble Drive past the Navigation and then along the towpath to the Barrow Deep Lock.The children were fascinated to see the activity at the lock with a couple of narrow boats coming through so we left them and their parents and grandparents to watch.The rest of us made our short journey back up Bridge Street to our starting point where thanks were given and each made their ways home.

Thanks, from me, to all those who attended. If anyone reading this would like to be involved with leading any of the forthcoming summer walks or indeed this annual plod please contact the Parish Council.


With 'Douce Amor' (5-piece band)

Saturday APRIL 9th 7.30 - 11.30

Humphrey Perkins Community Centre

Buffet supper and bar

Tickets: 9.50

Available from: Betty Turner (01509 416185) Ted and Sue Rodgers (01509 416533) or The Paper Shop, High Street, BoS

All proceeds to Barrow Community Association Registered Charity 505692