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CPRE explains why it fears Barrow is just too nice a place to live

CPRE Charnwood has opposed the proposed development on land off Melton Road and based our objection on points that may be considered to be material reasons for refusal. At the time of writing Charnwood Borough Council has yet to issue a decision.

However, Government Policies contained in PPS3 (Planning Policy Statement on Housing) guidance dictates that Local Planning Authorities ( LPAs) are required to have a five year supply of deliverable sites. If it is less then it directs that the LPA should consider favourably planning applications for housing in order to meet this demand. We understand that at present this figure is only three and a half years, representing 1,222 dwellings shortage against the Regional Plan figure of 3,950 over five years.

The site has already been included for consideration in Charnwood’s Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment as part of the Local Development Framework (LDF) which will replace the current Local Plan. It was a Local Plan allocation that allowed the present development between Nottingham Road and Cotes Road, which has failed to provide the village with a continuous ring road which was part of the original plans !

Parallel to this application is a recent one on the edge of Rothley, which CPRE opposed, again on greenfield land ( former allotments), and outside the limits of development. In 2008, the 149 dwellings application was originally refused on the basis of being premature to the LDF process. However, within months an identical application was submitted by the developer and approved for the reason that there was a shortfall against the five year supply.

Sadly, as far as we can see, the application is only likely to fail for traffic reasons; other concerns such as restricting building on our countryside and important biodiversity issues seem to be irrelevant in the pursuit to meet the housing figures dictated by Government. This undermines what CPRE judge to be the entitlement to have the site compared against other competing sites within the Borough. Our view is supported by the Regional Agency which has advised Charnwood that work on the preparation of the LDF would provide a better framework for considering the merits of the proposed development in this location in comparison with other potential sites. Policy Officers have concluded otherwise.

Barrow simply has too much desirability as a place to live with good facilities which appears to make it a sustainable place for new development. It isn’t sustainable in our view as the quality of life continues to be eroded by every new development putting a strain on our road network, schools and medical facilities. Yes, everyone deserves a decent home and we all, without exception, live on what was once a greenfield site, but there are probably superior sites in Charnwood than this if the chance is given to review all through the due process..

Joyce Noon, Chairman, CPRE Charnwood District Group

Breast-Feeding Group
Last year a group of ten Charnwood mothers attended a breastfeeding peer supporter course held at Mountsorrel Children’s Centre, jointly run by community health staff from Leicestershire and Rutland Community Health Services and family outreach workers from Leicestershire County Council. All ten received certificates of graduation from the Lord Mayor in December and the group is now formally launching as The Charnwood Bras – Breastfeeding Reassurance And Support.

You may have already seen their imaginatively decorated tree at the Barrow Christmas tree festival. Their aims are to raise awareness of breastfeeding in Charnwood and to prevent those women who really want to breastfeed from giving up through a lack of support or good understanding of breastfeeding basics. They all regularly help out at the various breastfeeding cafes in the area and are currently working on promotional material. If you are pregnant and fancy getting a head start on breastfeeding know-how or struggling to feed now and in need of support, please do come down to the cafes where you will be thoroughly welcomed.
Nearest café to Barrow is at the Mountsorrel Children’s Centre, Rothley Rd on the 1st and 3rd Weds 1.30 – 3. Local breastfeeding mum and group member, Sarah Swinhoe, said: "It was great to learn more about breastfeeding. I have really enjoyed feeding my own daughter and am delighted to have the opportunity to help and support other new mums to appreciate this fantastic experience."