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Spring 2016

Love is in the air

Spring is traditionally seen as a time for romance - maybe because of St Valentine’s Day. So when we started thinking about possible articles for the Spring edition of Barrow Voice I said I might write about how people met their partners.

With romance on my mind I went along to the January meeting of the Barrow Book Group. Despite the fact that I had failed to read the book for that month, they graciously allowed me to take over the beginning part of their meeting to quiz them about their first dates.

Pip and her husband Rob met over a bedpan. She was a qualified nurse and he was a student and she reckons that the bedpan was at the centre of their first meeting. That was in November 1992. They have been married since September 2010.

Pat met her first husband, Mike, on a blind date. He was in the Navy and within days of their meeting he was away for four months. They wrote letters to each other throughout that period and met up again when he returned, marrying two years later in 1970.

Cathy met her husband at a war games convention in Dunstable. She was a member of a re-enactment group and the group recruited James. This was in 1995. The rest, as they say, is history. They married in 2009.

Laura and Paul also got married in 2009. They met in a club in Southampton where Paul decided to stay on after his friends had moved onto another venue because he’d seen Laura earlier in the evening and wanted to get to know her better.

Richard and Lucy met when they were both leaders at a youth group. He first asked her out on April 1st and she says she’s still wondering if he’s going to say, “April Fool!’. They married on December 23rd 2013.

Honor met Michael on the Sunday before Christmas in 1969. They met at the Fantasia Disco - which was held in the building which now houses the restaurant at The Quorndon Fox. A week later they went on their first date. Honor was nearly nineteen and Michael told her he was the same age as her. In fact he was a year younger so he was only seventeen when they first started to go out. Honor says had she known that she wouldn’t have gone out with him but by the time she found out the truth she’d obviously decided that the age gap didn’t matter after all. They’ve been married since August 1972.

Ginny’s first date with Alan was to see a production of ‘The Yeoman of the Guard’ at Humphrey Perkins School. The date had been planned for some time after a group of boys, including Alan, had followed Ginny and her friend up the road. Gillian Moore, (now Godwin) helped play Cupid for them but the first date was delayed because Alan went away on a field trip. They married in September 1972, waiting until after the bank holiday weekend so that their honeymoon would be cheaper.

Julie Gardner

Wrong Turnings

In the last issue I wrote two articles which involved giving geographical directions. I should have known better. All my friends know that I have no sense of direction and I am notorious for getting lost even when making the simplest of journeys. Another regular error I make is saying one place when I mean another. For example - Brighton and Bognor Regis both begin with a B don’t they? And they’re both seaside resorts? So it’s an easy mistake to confuse the two.

So when I said Derwent Road what I really meant was Ribble Drive. I’m sure you will agree it’s an easy mistake to make for the geographically challenged. Has anyone (apart from Peter Yates) spotted the other mistake?

I apologise for any confusion and promise to refrain from writing articles that involve place names or directions in the future.

Julie Gardner