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Spring 2016

Bringing back memories of Barrow

Mention, in the last edition of Barrow Voice, of an apricot tree being grown against a heated wall in North Street, brought memories flooding back to Barry Wilford of when he lived on South Street with his parents and brother John. They had in their back garden an apricot tree and in the summer of 1954 it produced a staggering 24lbs (10.89kg) of fruit and not a heated wall in sight.

Barry also recalls that his preferred sport was football, but of course at that time Humphrey Perkins played rugby. In early 1953 form 5a challenged form 5b to a lunch time soccer match to be played on the Barrow Old Boys pitch, situated on the King George V playing field. They were allowed to use the pitch but only if they played across it, thereby not using the goal posts. They chose to ignore this rule. When leaving the pitch, after a good game, they were confronted by the Headmaster who duly noted their names, all twenty-three of them. Barry can’t remember which team had the extra man and they never found out who snitched on them. What he does remember is that all the lads had to report to the Headmaster’s study for a caning, three of the best, on the backside, delivered by several teachers. To add insult to injury after lunch was sports afternoon: rugby of course, no boy was excused.

Coincidentally Barry was looking through some postcards and photographs that were from his brother John’s collection, when he came across a photo copy of the Roll of Honour also mention in the last edition. Interestingly there are only one hundred and thirty-two men listed, so it must be from the early part of World War 1, as name were added to the Roll each time a man from or connected with Barrow went to war. Evidence of this can be seen in this month’s edition of the Holy Trinity Church Magazine. Kevon Thompson selects items from the East Akeley Deanery Magazine of one hundred years ago. One of the reports state five more Barrow men have joined the armed forces and that their names will be added to the Roll of Honour. If anyone has any more details of the Roll of Honour, we would be interested to learn of them.

Val Gillings