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New York’s Broadway now in Quorn!

Last September a new dance/fi tness business arrived near Barrow, all thanks to Barrow girl Rosie McSwiney. Called ‘On Broadway’, this class is best described by its two slogans: ‘Reveal your inner showgirl’ and ‘Dance like nobody’s watching’. In each eight week course you learn two routines to songs from Broadway musicals, often with the props to make you feel a proper showgirl – the cane, top hat and feather boa! It’s a lot of fun, very good for boosting confi dence and at last you can spend a bit of time doing what you want in your own time. The spin off comes with greater fitness and weight loss but the main aim is to have fun.

Rosie, who was a pupil at De Lisle, fi rst got into dancing in the McHugh School of Dance in Barrow. (She also remembered being an Umpa-Lumpa in Barrow Youth Theatre’s first ever production – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.) She went on to gain a degree in Dance Performance at Middlesex University, adding qualifications as a fi tness instructor, personal trainer and gym instructor along the way. Currently she works at Ragdale Hall Spa running their fitness and dance classes. It was there that she heard about the ‘On Broadway’ organisation and really liked what she heard. She bought the franchise and, last September, opened her first classes at Rawlins, one on Wednesday and another on Thursday evenings. They have been extremely successful and she is starting new groups in other villages, though sadly not in Barrow because of a lack of available space.

The class is for women only and Rosie originally had in mind people who had danced as children, but she is very happy to take on women with two left feet. Judith Rodgers

She hosts free taster classes so you can see how you are going to fit in and she has various packages which can provide a useful degree of fl exibility. The fun even extends to party nights so you can really let your hair down. Why not give her a ring on 07957499256 and book yourself in!