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Childhood Delight in H20’s Fantasyland

You may have walked past H2O Hairdressing many times and admired its spacious, stylish interior or you may be a client who enjoys a regular colour and cut in the salon. But come the weekend, sophistication goes out of the window and it’s transformed into a fantasyland for children.

H2O has been holding children’s parties since October last year and they’ve become so popular that most weekends are booked. Half the salon is screened off for parties on Saturday afternoons and on Sundays, the whole space is used.

Owner, Sharon Clay, hit on the idea of combining fun hair styles for kids, quirky nails, and glittery cheeks with traditional party activities when her daughter Violet's eighth birthday was coming up – and the formula proved to be a winner. The parties are age-appropriate, from six years upwards, and can be adapted to suit older children and young teens.

“The little ones like to be on the move so they are kept busy with activities and games,” says Sharon. “Older girls like to learn how to do different styles.” So, what happens at a party? I popped in on a sixth birthday celebration, with 10 excited little girls, to see the transformation from simple to sparkle. Sharon and three stylists were dressed in black tops, leggings, garlands and bright pink tutus to set the festive tone. Little girls could choose a hairstyle, starting of course with the birthday girl who opted for a side, crimped pony tail. Other picks were space buns (that’s two buns on the top of the head), Dutch or French plaits or crimped pigtails. Little nails were brightly painted and decorated with stickers, and glitter applied to cheeks.

“The young ones like as much sparkle as possible,” says Sharon – and the salon floor at the end of the party was proof of that. Playtime followed. They were given dolly heads to style and little fingers got busy plaiting and weaving hair ornaments into dolls’ hair, with stylists ready to help if needed. The girls decorated tiaras with coloured stones and glitter, put on a flower garland and skipped about as princesses. Pinning the bow on the pony tail went down a treat.

H2O provided popcorn, sweets and kids’ cocktails and the birthday girl’s mum had made snacks for the children, followed by the cutting of a yellow Emoji birthday cake.

The music ramped up and it was time for traditional party games – Pass the Parcel, Musical Statues – and the salon’s plush chairs were whipped away from basins and mirrors to create a circle for Musical Chairs.

Then it was disco time. Blinds darkened the room, a glitter ball appeared and it was time to dance, with stylists and kids all doing an energetic Conga around the salon. Party bags were handed out, everyone piled on the sofa for a group photo and very happy children headed off home, each with a balloon.

Older girls are catered for too. Young teens learn how to braid, plait and create other adult styles. They have their nails done, play games suited to their ages and have a disco – hair, nails and a party all in two hours.

What about boys?

“Little brothers sometimes come along and we give them a style with gel so they are part of the party. We would never turn away boys, they like to look good too!”

Lindsay Ord

H2O Hairdressing is at 6 North Street info@h2ohairdressing.co.uk or call 01509 413629. Party packages start at £15 per child