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Art for Art’s Sake

Barrow resident Stewart Pawley has always had a passion and a talent for art, but during his school years he was directed towards a more stable form of employment, eventually embarking on a successful career as a draughtsman. It was only when he started helping his daughter learn to draw that the passion was reignited, and he began to dabble in pastels and acrylics.

At first it was just a hobby, but when his boss saw some of his work and asked him to create wall panels for the UK office of the company he worked for, and then later for the head office in Stockholm, Stewart realised he had a natural gift. Buoyed by the appreciation of his work, and a few more corporate and private commissions, Stewart began to experiment with other methods and materials.

Although Stewart still works with acrylics, his current preferred technique is to use permanent ink and water colour washes, building up spaced layers and deep frames to create unique 3D images that appear like tiny stage sets.

Stewart is partially colour blind, but he says that this is not a barrier to being an artist – after all, Van Gogh suffered from a kind of colour blindness that led to him favouring yellow towards the end of his life and therefore the creation of some of his greatest and most famous works – and in fact his use of exaggerated colours is what gives his work an unusual and stand-out feel. I also feel that it lends itself to his choice of subject matters. As well as many summer scenes, Stewart has also done many pieces for children.

Stewart has created unique pieces of work that have been auctioned to raise funds for Rainbows Hospice in Loughborough. He has also produced picture book designs, which have been painted onto large canvas panels at the hospice, and is a regular feature of the annual Loogabarooga festival.

Stewart says he first got involved with Rainbows in 2011 when he donated a couple of his paintings to brighten their walls. “When we dropped the pictures off my wife Lynne offered my artistic services, and I was thrilled to be asked to do two more, using a grant for materials. There are now 14 of my pictures dotted around the place.”

“The place is just incredible,” says Stewart, “and they do amazing work with life-limited children.”

To find out more about Stewart and his work, go to: www.stewartpawley.co.uk

Jerry Sykes

If you would like to help Stewart in supporting Rainbows, you can do so via his JustGiving link: www.justgiving. com/fundraising/stewart-pawley