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Barrow’s Year in Pictures

Today is 30th December 2017 and I’ve just put the final photos onto our Year in Pictures 2017. If you don’t know what Year in Pictures is, don’t be surprised. It was an idea, dreamed up when walking back from pilates, that we record in pictures the events and life of our village. Gaynor Barton was very encouraging and with the patient help of John Nurse, who has coped with silly questions from me, we now have two ‘calendars’ on the Barrow Voice website that chronicle the years 2016 and 2017. To find just click A Year in Pictures on the top left hand side menu.

Well, I say chronicle – 2016 is a bit thin, if truth be told, but I was working early in 2017 with pictures taken for Barrow Voice, rather than a monthly record of the entire year which is what you get in 2017. As you look at 2016 you’ll see where the Christmas Street Market came to Church Street and also months where we don’t have any record at all. When you look at 2017 you will see something for each month. However – and this is my main point – there are months when it’s still a bit thin. This is because there has mainly been one person doing the photos. Well, that’s not entirely true because Gaynor, Judith Rodgers and two residents, as well as Pete Stevens, have contributed.

The thinnest months are where I was busy – in July looking after Mark (hubby) who had collapsed while running on the day of the Summer Street Market – (three photos) and October when I was busy with the Murder Mystery (one photo.) There is also another confession I have to make: I lost a photo someone sent to me. How I did that I have no idea. It was electronic, it should not have been possible to lose it. But there you are – very sorry to the kind lady who sent a photo of the poster of the Variety Show in December.

But I have had to devise plans to avoid this sort of thing again because I’m hoping that villagers will send me more photos. This will make it a truly village record, not just a record of what Gaynor and Judith and I manage to get to. And I’ll develop a system to avoid embarrassing losses.

There are rules of course. We don’t want private parties, no matter how much fun they are, but want things that anyone in the village can attend. If it’s an age restricted club (like Brownies, for example) that’s f ne because anyone from the village can attend if they are the right age and gender (same for churches, interest groups etc.) Photos of children will ONLY be published if the person with parental authority has written to me giving their permission. And since anyone can type anything, it’s preferable if the permission is hand written. Look back to August 2017 – BOSCAPS happened – but not a single photo of a child is recorded, only photos of their wonderful artwork.

So photos of your open garden, church groups, Bishop Beveridge, arts and crafts – send them to hesadler17@gmail.com or barspiller@btinternet.com. Actually, send them to Gaynor and she can send them on to me – she’ll always have a copy, just in case…

Helen Sadler