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The Saga of the Sewers... continued

At a meeting with Barrow Parish Council planning committee on 25th January 2018, Mr Walton of Severn Trent Water (STW) provided an update on the impact on the village foul drainage system from the new major building developments on Melton Road and Nottingham Road. From a preliminary study (so called modelling), it appears that the existing pipework can handle foul drainage from the entire David Wilson site on Nottingham Road and the first year build of the Jelson site on Melton Road, around 25 houses, giving a total of around 100 units.

This is somewhat surprising, since, in a previously reported meeting, it was noted that there was a high risk of foul flooding in the Breachfield Road and Sileby Road areas before any new houses were occupied.
To be clear, foul flooding means that manholes fill with foul water (sewage), manhole covers lift off and raw sewage runs from the manhole into the road, gardens, culverts, storm drains etc.
Mr Walton went on to say that the drainage problems here are a low priority for STW and gave a possible timescale for necessary remedial works revealed from investigation and modelling.

At this time it is not known which solution is needed.

The 100 house limit referred to above may be reached by this summer or autumn (2018) so what then happens in the year or two or more before remedies are in place? As more houses are occupied after the first 100 houses, and planning permission is in place for further 260 units, then the risk of foul flooding is increased, and action must be taken to stop that before there is a significant risk to public health in this village.

At a meeting of the full council on 6th February 2018, Barrow Parish Council resolved to write to the Chief Executive of STW to request their authority is used to halt building work when 100 houses are available, and to reopen meetings with Nicky Morgan MP, to confirm the interpretation of the High Court ruling with the Chief Planning Officer for England regarding off-site drainage.

Alan Willcocks

If any resident has property which has experienced foul flooding in the past, or is likely to in the future, please report it to Barrow Parish Council or Mr Walton, Severn Trent Water, Gorse Hill, Anstey Lane, Leicester LE7 7GU