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L & L Shotokhan celebrates its ninth year in Barrow

How quickly the years pass; looking back it is three years since an article was written featuring the Barrow-based Karate School Leicester and Loughborough Shotokan (L&LS for short) and amazingly the club is now in its ninth year at its original two bases, Loughborough base being at The Scouts Hut, Grove Lane, B-U-S, LE12 8NP and the Leicester base at The Braunstone Civic Centre, LE3 2PP.


As L&LS (with its students both new and long term) has developed, so have its bases, with two of the three senior 2nd Dan (Black belts) branching out to run Schools of their own. Sensei Henry Bellinger now runs classes in Stoneygate and Alison Golland runs classes at Twyford Village Hall, Melton Mowbray.

Along with the three students that have trained hard and have achieved their 2nd Dan Black Belts, there are now 31 students who have achieved 1st Dan Black Belt status within the four L&LS Schools; nine of those actually come from our school here in Barrow. In no particular order they are: ANWEN EDWARDS, BRADLEY & RHEANNA SPENCE, JOHN SPENCER, NEIL THOMPSON, THOMAS, FRASER & STUART McHALE, and GUY SILK (who will hopefully be featuring in an article in September’s Barrow Voice - a follow up to the article he wrote for Barrow Voice seven years ago when first starting Karate lessons in Barrow). There are also many more students both young and old (ages ranging from 5 to 52 yrs) working through their coloured belt grades to hopefully achieve the coveted Black Belt and perhaps beyond themselves. Karate development is a personal thing and everyone aspires differently.

Bradley Spence (15) was selected for the AMA England Karate Squad at the International Championships in February and on his first call up achieved a bronze medal in the Individual Kumite ( free fighting). Henry Bellinger also took part, following his call up to the squad last year, winning one contest nine - nil.

Since our last article in the Barrow Voice, I have also passed another milestone in the world of Karate; the extra training and time that was required is perhaps one of the reasons why it has been so long since I last wrote. Back in August 2008 a group of us travelled to Torquay for a week of Karate training with the Amateur Martial Associations (AMA), to whom we are now associated. This in turn makes L&LS recognised by the European and the World Karate Federations. Whilst in Torquay I successfully graded for my 5th Dan and this I am pleased to say now classes me as a Shihan; a formal title meaning a “teacher to other instructors” (A “teacher of teachers”). This is something that I never normally mention and at the club I am still formally known as Sensei Pete (Sensei simply meaning “teacher” in Japanese). However, this being an informative article and an effort to impress with recent developments then I think I will pop it in:)!

“The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat but in the perfection of character of its participants.”

Gichen Funakoshi (1868 - 1957, the father of modern day karate)

Should you wish to get in touch with a view to training or anything else concerning our classes then please contact Sensei Pete on or at :-

0116 2996484 or 0771 9975099


MEET: Every Sat: 9am (beginners 5yr minimum age) 10am (intermediates) 11am (Advanced) 12am (Adults)
Sun: extra training & specialised classes Cost: £3.50 child - £4.00 adult