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Summer 2016

Snow White (and the Seven Chavs)

A modern twist on the much-loved family classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. In an age where rules on political correctness make health and safety regulations look lax, we are sadly unable to use actual dwarfs, but fear not for we have a solution, using chavs instead.

As expected, the local pantomime was a great success, every year it attracts audience members of all ages and this year was no exception. The excellent cast played their parts and sang really well and as an audience member, it really felt like they knew the characters personalities, which allowed for a flawless performance.

I felt that the modern twist was a brilliant addition as it caused a lot of opportunities for jokes, which kept the audience entertained whenever they appeared. Audience participation always goes down well and Richard Bailey, as a very busty, Busty Cupcakes, was always throwing funny asides to the audience and Mac Carter, as the hopelessly dopey. Wot ,was particularly good with the younger audience members who got terribly excited, filling the hall with boos and screams when anyone went near the massive red apple.

The costumes were also very impressive and took us back to the much-loved film.

Lauren Scaysbrook as Snow White looked just the part in her classic flowing dress and Graham Dunn, as the Evil Queen really sinister in his. As a matter of fact, I was quite impressed that the Queen could break dance so well, especially in a dress.

The only slightly impractical costume choice was the decision to put the pantomime dame in platform heels.

The actor was already a tall person, this combined with an extra 4 or 5 inches of shoe, meant that he was towering over the rest of the cast and was at least a foot taller than everyone else. Although, credit where it's due, Richard Bailey did look fabulous!

Elliot Wilkes