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Summer 2016

Goodbye Post Office, But Only Briefly - Goodbye Mo!

Please do not be alarmed, Barrow still has a Post Office counter but sadly, on Wednesday March 23rd, 2016, Mo served his last customer at Barrow PO. When you read this, the new Post Office inside The Paper Shop, should be established, but it seemed more than appropriate to mark the closure of this village institution and to say goodbye to Barrow’s last postmaster in Barrow Voice.

For those of you who know Mo, you will know that he is a cheerful character with a smile for everyone. You may not know that he has worked for the Post Office since he was 18 years old and is fully trained in all aspects of PO counter work. He began this career at Barkby Road Post Offi ce in Leicester and has worked in other PO locations in the city and county.

Mo began his work in Barrow on June 14th 2014. He said that, without a doubt, it’s the best place he has ever worked. He could not recall any complaints from customers or any miserable faces even though there were times when the counter queue stretched to the front door. He was sorry to be leaving the village and several customers in particular as well as the post deliverers. Some of the local shopkeepers were also sorry to say goodbye. He had a counter full of farewell gifts as well as good luck cards, from villagers, to wish him well in the future.

Yet yesterday evening, April 8th, I saw a message on Facebook, “Mo is back!” I couldn’t believe that it could possibly mean the same Mo. To satisfy my curiosity I had a walk to the shops where I discovered Mo’s bright smile, shining at the new Post Office Counter, fantastic! So, it’s welcome back Mo, wishing you the best of luck in your (new) job.

I believe the old Post Office building to be about 50 years old. I can remember it being built, looking a little too modern in comparison with other village shops at the time. It was extremely bright and light in comparison to the old building, which is now Barrow of Treats. There must be readers who have memories of the old post office, amusing stories, strange happenings, if so the Barrow Voice team would love to hear from you.

I wonder what the empty shop will become? I hope it isn’t empty for too long. Do you have any ideas as to what it should be? We’d like to know your suggestions as to what sort of shop you would like to see on the village high street.

Ginnie Willcocks