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Summer 2016

All Star Cheerleading

All Star Cheerleading is a competitive sport, which combines tumbling, jumps, acrobatics, dance and stunting. Cheerleaders involved do not cheer athletes on from the side-lines of sport and people often get it confused with school cheerleading. They compete against other squads of the same ability and similar ages, from regionals to competing worldwide. Routines are professionally choreographed to music and are two and half minutes long. In competitions, cheerleaders are awarded points for technique, difficulty and creativity and this requires strength and cooperation in yourself and your teammates.

It is a great environment for developing confidence and self-esteem as well as personal fitness and teamwork skills as well as incorporating males, females, and athletes of all ages and skill levels. I would recommend it to anyone with gymnastics/tumbling experience, or have no experience at all with All Star cheerleading and would like to give it a go. There are many teams in Leicestershire who compete nationally and are willing to take on new athletes.

I am in a team called QDCA and we are a dedicated, passionate and competitive squad with 5 teams going from level 2 to level 4.2. I train for 2 ½ hours a week at Loughborough High School where I continue to improve my fitness and team working skills. I am a ‘base’ in the stunts that we do, which involves lifting, throwing and catching people in the air. The ‘flyers’ are the ones who are in the air and at the top of each stunt. Most people don’t think that the ‘flyers’ do that much but they are the most flexible and have to be able to hold their own weight in the stunts as much as possible. I personally enjoy it very much and it has built my confidence massively, with thanks to my coaches and rest of my team. We are open to all abilities and skills and it’s a great way to make new friends whilst improving fitness and flexibility.

Lucy Kenny