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Changes for growth A report by the Barrow Business Forum

A report by the Barrow
Business Forum

Village businesses have spoken out on the changes they would like to see implemented in the village to help foster growth.

Top of the list is an improved broadband service. Our service comes from the Quorn exchange and the transfer speed is too slow for a number of high speed applications used for modern business and also for the growing demands of the home computer. We need to get the village higher on the improvement agenda of BT who run the Quorn telephone exchange. BT will respond to a village wide campaign to improve our service but without this we may wait years to see anything happen.

Next on the list are the delays over the Soar river bridge at peak times and during flooding. The single lane and traffic lights are the cause of the long queues. Access to a village the size of Barrow should be much better. Serious consideration should be given to a number of alternative schemes identified in the Report.

The village High Street is also a problem to both traffic and businesses with temporary parking causing delays and frustration, shops having difficulty in loading and unloading and at times car parks full. The report asks that a one way system be developed which would incorporate short (ten minutes) parking in the High Street and improve traffic flow at the Cotes road intersection and allow for loading and unloading near to the shops.

The three car parks are barely adequate for current needs and a strategy for more spaces needs to be devised particularly as housing may increase with the possibility of a Melton Road development. The 106 agreements should be a source of money to deliver such a strategy and other improvements identified within the Report

Also on the list are visual improvements to North Street to bring it up to the good standard of the High Street. Trade and shops along the length of North Street and High Street are investing and working hard to foster growth. A major part of their trade is coming from the residents of the villages to the north of Barrow who see us as an attractive alternative to Loughborough. The approaches and facilities within the village need to be improved to further foster this trade. Small items such as street location signs for car parks and street decoration and flowers and benches for North Street need to be considered.

The Business Forum is working with the Parish Council to raise the awareness of the needs for a strong business policy within the village and to ensure that all the support organizations realize the impact of their work on the prosperity of the village business community. Your comments and suggestions on the recommendations are welcome and will help shape and strengthen the lobbying work we can do

The Report is available to Barrow Voice readers. Please contact Barrie Atkinson on 01509 414498 or email him at