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More visitors to Barrow gardens

Iwas really pleased and interested to read the article by Linda and Samantha Vesty in the last issue of Barrow Voice with their super photo of a sparrow hawk.

It is indeed not unusual to see sparrow hawks in our gardens. We are fortunate to live near the edge of the village and have had several of these magnificent creatures pass through our garden earlier in the year and even occasionally perch in one of the trees. I was able to photograph one of them having lunch; in this case a goldfinch.

We have also seen kestrels from the house and in early October I was in the garden when I heard a buzzard calling and could see it high above the new David Wilson estate. When I moved to Leicestershire in 1972 buzzards were rare in the eastern counties but they are now common in the countryside around us.

We have always encouraged the birds by feeding them and providing water to drink and wash in. We do not use pesticides so that there are plenty of insects, snails and other invertebrates for them to eat. We also leave seeds on plants for seed eaters rather than cut them all off when the petals fall. We have identified around 50 species of birds from the house including cuckoo, great and lesser spotted woodpeckers, black redstart, fieldfare, redwing, siskin, linnet, redpoll, bullfinch, yellowhammer and reed bunting.

Staff at the Leicestershire County Council’s Environment and Heritage Resources Centre are always interested in recording sightings of all types of wildlife. If you identify anything unusual I would be pleased to pass the record on to the centre. They require sample location (grid reference), date, recorders’ names, common name and/or scientific name and any comments.

Bob Mudge - with thanks to Keith Chaplin who helped edit the photograph(s). You can contact Bob by email at