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Winter 2016

Centre Stage in Barrow

Professional touring theatre on your doorstep this Spring

We asked the audience of our last Centre Stage event whether they thought we should keep booking these events and if so, why. We collected over 50 replies and what they said was a loud YES, keep booking them because… parking is very easy and free, you can walk to the shows, they are truly professional entertainers, tickets are incredibly cheap compared with theatres in town, they have a real village feel to them, they bring people together, the shows are often unusual, the venue is really convenient for anyone in a wheelchair, you always get a good view, you can talk to the actors afterwards...and so on and so on.

Barrow is still able to benefit from this scheme because Charnwood Borough Council decided to go on supporting it; the County Council didn’t. As a consequence of Arts Council funding and funding from those local councils who carried on, the professional fees of the touring players are heavily subsidised. Even so, BUSCA is still likely to make a loss because the scheme assumes that the events take place in village halls with little or no hire cost; not the case in Barrow!

The moral is clear for Barrow: Use it or lose it. If you come to support live professional theatre in your own local venue, you can be sure of a warm welcome, first rate entertainment and a really good night out. We have two shows in Barrow this spring: A Brief History of Music on Friday 3rd February and Mambo Jambo on Friday 17th March.

A Brief History of Music is a hugely entertaining show which races through a wide selection of music from 600 years using an array of 30 instruments. Chris and Sophie are highly experienced and skillful entertainers and will give you an evening that is fun, funny and even informative. You’ll fi nd yourself joining in with long forgotten old favourites, hear the raucous side by side with the courtly, the witty beside the flowery, the ancient against the modern. Not to mention seeing and hearing the virginal, the rauschpfeife and the vihuela, to name only three rarely seen musical instruments.

Mambo Jambo is another show that mixes music of all types and styles. Frankie and Pete give you “musical sunshine” and in March, that’s just what the doctor ordered. This time, the mix is a geographical one. There’s infectious music from Cuba, New Orleans, Brazil, Eastern Europe as well as blue grass, boogie and their own compositions. They mix saxophone, vocals, clarinet, flute, guitar, banjo, percussion, ukulele, accordion and suitcase! It’s a feel-good show and the audience are guaranteed to come out smiling at the end of the night.

Both shows are in Humphrey Perkins Community Centre starting at 7.30 and tickets can be bought from the Paper Shop or by Paypal from www.busca.org.uk. Bought in advance of the show they cost £10, £9 (concessions) and £5 (children under 16).

Any enquiries to Judith on 07718153117 or judithrodgers155@gmail.com