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Winter 2016

If it snows: good sledging slopes not far from Barrow

Barrow’s King George V’s Playing Field has little slopes young children fi nd fun in the snow but if you want more excitement you’ll have to leave the village.

The three best known areas are: Beacon Hill, for new-comers to the area this is the hill above Woodhouse Eaves; the slopes surrounding Old John in Bradgate Park, (see pic) and the slopes of Mammoth Hill in Watermead Park - north-east Leicester between the villages of Wanlip and Syston. The Mammoth Hill slopes sweep down to the edge of a lake and tragedies have happened as sledgers have lost control and drowned. But this is rare. The hill itself isn’t called ‘mammoth’ because of its own height but because it has a sculpture of a mammoth on the top.

Gaynor Barton