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It went very well! Barrow upon Soar Show 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped behind the scenes, entered, or just came to view on Show Day. We had another very successful show with plenty of entries from children.

I think that we will have to change the schedule next year to include “smallest” vegetables because the tiniest ripe tomato class had the largest number of entries! The carrots, and other vegetables, grown by the brothers from Shepshed were absolutely superb; the cauliflower would have looked good in a vase! Presentation hints were given by the judges, for example - make sure that your leek roots are washed and clean and do not cut the tops off or strip any leaves away. Make sure that the leaves on your foliage plants are dusted!! That particular suggestion made people laugh: I do dust my plant leaves but not the furniture.

The judges thought that Dianne Cave’s cracked Victoria sponge, which went in the ‘Disaster Class’, was the best sponge for taste and texture. They were very pleased with the number of exhibits in the children’s section. Next year we will have a ’Bean and Sunflower Day’ as well as ‘Sow and Grow’ sessions to encourage young growers.

There were more entries than last year in the craft section and an interesting range of different skills in the ‘I Made This Myself’. Please start thinking about your entries for 2018 because one family have already requested the recipes so that they can practice for next year, and also because we will be asking for work done in the last two years to be entered in the ‘Craft’ section.

Tilly Yates