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a great way to recycle your unrecyclable Christmas plastic

Christmas time quadruples our packaging waste. This year, children are likely to make adults feel guilty when they see it pile up in the landfill bin (even though they’ve been happy enough to get the presents and the food). Here’s a Christmas activity that will help eliminate the waste, the guilt and the children. Well, it won’t actually eliminate the children, but it will keep them quiet for a long time.

Fill your plastic bottles with unrecyclable plastic, register the resulting ‘Ecobrick’ and take it to your closest Ecobrick collector: Loughborough Grammar School. Here’s what to do:
Make sure your plastic is clean and dry and your bottle is clear plastic. Only use bottles with screw tops. Cut your plastic into small pieces and really stuff the bottle full – you can use the handle of a wooden spoon to really push it all down. The smaller you cut the bits of plastic, the more you can push in and it’s worth remembering that a bit of cling film every so often helps ‘cement’ it all together.

Your filled bottle should have a density of 0.33g per millilitre. That means a one litre bottle should weigh at least 333g; but it’s probably easier to start with a 500ml bottle (167g). Register and validate it with GoBrik ( and write onto the Ecobrick, using a permanent marker, the weight and the individual registration number you will be given.
Take your validated Ecobricks (it must be validated) to the reception of Loughborough Grammar School and say they are for Viviana Perino or Ivor Potter and the Eco Club. The Eco Club made an earthbench last June using 75 ecobricks (filled plastic bottles) and they need a further 150 ecobricks for their next project.
Remember: your first Ecobrick is the most important, but your best Ecobrick is the one you don’t have to make (because you have achieved a zero-plastic life).
This is an ideal project for a community group – children and adults. Viviana is pleased to come to a community association and give a workshop. If you are interested, contact her using the email address Together we can make Ecobricks and give plastic a whole new value.

Karisa Krcmar


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