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Farewell to friends and village


S heila and Ian Taylor say a sad farewell to their friends as Sheila writes of her happy memories bringing up her children with so many supportive friends.

“Having lived in Barrow for 35 years we are finally moving back to the south coast and I shall hugely miss Barrow and everyone we know. We had planned to hold a ‘Farewell to Barrow’ event in the garden, which is not now possible, so here are some memories instead.

One of the first people we met in Barrow was Roy Wheatley delivering minutes of the local Labour Party meetings. He was such a nice man, and it’s so sad he is no longer with us and very fitting that a road is named after him. I’d like to mention our amazingly hard-working councillor Sandie Forrest. I really don’t know how she fits in all she does.

Our son, Joe, was born soon after our move to Barrow. This prompted a visit from Anne Lewis my NCT support mother – such a nice lady. That led me to get involved with the mother and toddler group where I met many other people, including Sue Baylis whose children became firm friends of ours. It’s terribly sad that she died in a car accident many years later.

When Joe and second son, Patrick, joined the playgroup I met Sandra Chamberlain who was always so enthusiastic and helpful. Her son Tom became a firm friend, and later band member with Patrick. No mention of these early years should be without reference to the mothers Anne and Diane, identical twins who lived nearby. It took us a while to realise they were different people as they were so alike. Their children became almost interchangeable with ours, and there were very few weekends when they were not in some permutation staying at each other’s houses!

The next significant event was when our boys started at Hall Orchard. Joe’s first teacher, Mrs Kelham, was brilliant with children and gave him such a good start. Patrick started with Mr Allen, also very good with children, and the head teacher Bob Morley was by then in post. Bob was very accessible and so well liked by the children. I must also mention Sue Pattison, teaching assistant and school play costume creator extraordinaire.

Later came the ‘music period’ for our boys who were both in bands and discovered our house had a ready-made ‘youth club extension’ before we very selfishly turned it into a garage. We have so many memories of band practices and parties. I should thank our long-suffering neighbours in Mill Lane for the noise they had to put up with.

I always enjoyed the productions by Centrestage and locals, including Helen Saddler’s latest play about the W.I. - brilliant! Recently at least five of my work colleagues have moved to the village including the wonderful ecohouse builder on Melton Road. Although retired, I still keep up with all their news. There is so much more I could say but hope this reflects at least a little of what is so good about Barrow and its residents – a lovely village and community which we will SO miss.”Farewell to friends and village


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