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Winter Wellbeing

Winter is the time to get quiet, be still, hunker down and enjoy the shorter days as you utilise the longer nights for snuggling and time to nourish yourself. For years we have been working against the season: going out, rushing around, over committing ourselves with ‘festivities’ and nights out when all we really want to do is slow down, get still and enjoy staying home and this year we have been invited to do just that!

This is an opportunity to support our physical and mental wellbeing in the true spirit of the season and use the lockdown guidelines to help us find ways to support us through the season. Winter Solstice on Monday the 21st of December marks the shortest day and the longest night and the start of our journey back to spring inviting the light back in.

So, what can we do in and around Barrow to support us through the winter and harness the power of nature to help us feel fabulous? One tradition to revisit is the hanging of evergreens around doorways and windows as a representation of everlasting life. You could make your own wreath or garland that you refresh and keep on your door or window sills all through winter. Maybe you have ivy (symbol of immortality and resurrection), yew (tree of regeneration and rebirth), holly (for protection) or pine (for healing and joy in the home) in your garden that you could bring indoors to lift your spirits?

You could simply walk around the village spotting these evergreens, taking photos, collecting fallen branches and pinecones and making your walks more interesting with a bit of tree spotting. Having a real Christmas tree is another way to enjoy the benefits of the scent and planting it outdoors after Christmas, by your front door, can be a lovely way to keep the spirit alive.

Not able to bring the evergreens indoors? Then how about diffusing a pine essential oil to fill your house with joy as well as being well known for supporting the nervous and respiratory system – perfect for this time of year. Another great oil linked to wintertime is frankincense, the king of oils, wonderful for bringing peace, calm and soothing. It’s known to support healthy cellular, immune, nervous and digestive functions.

I don’t know about you, but spotting the first snowdrops always lifts my spirits and for the last few years I’ve enjoyed getting down to their level on Piets Lane, capturing their beauty, seeing them as little symbols of hope, innocence, purity and rebirth – exactly why we know spring is on its way. You can show your love and support to those we care about, as what might seem like a small and fragile fl ower, actually represents rebirth and power of overcoming issues in life. This makes the snowdrop the perfect gift as we live through our first Covid-19 winter. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see snowdrops in all the gardens or windows showing strength in our community and hope for a brighter future? Challenge yourself to see how locally you can ‘buy to give’ a pot of snowdrops! You could invite your children and yourself to decorate some terracotta pots with words, affirmations, intentions and images that mean something to them or the person they are gifting, and then as the bulbs bloom so can the affirmations and intentions set when planting them.

Mairi Taylor


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