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What do you know about the three Ps of financial scams?

Sadly, scams have been on the increase since Covid 19 hit the UK. More people are spending more time at home and feeling more isolated with fewer family and friends around to offer support and advice. Luckily for Barrow Voice readers, Alasdair Walker, a Chartered Financial Planner with Handford, Aitken & Walker is able to offer advice about how to spot scams – and what to do about them.

There are three main types of scams to watch out for during lockdown, Alasdair told me: Phishing, Push and Pension/ Investment scams.

A Phishing scam is when you may receive an email or text, pretending to be from an official body. Someone may pretend to be from the government saying that you will be paid £258 compensation for Covid disruption. Others may tell you that you need to pay a fine because you have breached lockdown rules.

A Push scam is where a scammer pretends to be from your bank warning you that your debit card may have been fraudulently used and suggests that you move your money to a ‘safe’ account.

Thirdly, Pension and Investment scams will try to persuade you to transfer money with the bogus claim that they are helping you claim pension or get higher rates of interest. They may say you have limited time to make your decision and pressure you to move your money.

What to do if you suspect a scam

Here are links to some useful websites from the police, the financial conducts authority and the government. They give information about prevention and what to do if you think you have been scammed.


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