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Barrow Voice – reaching the parts that we can’t!

Former Barrow residents now living in Fleetwood in Lancashire, Sheila and David Williams, opened up a Christmas present from their Barrow friends and found (among other things) a copy of the Barrow Voice. Sheila wrote to me to say how much they enjoyed this. It made me wonder how far does the Barrow Voice travel around the world … going to places that we are currently prevented from visiting?

Do you live somewhere else in the UK? In Europe? Or in other parts of the world? Do you get copies of the Barrow Voice? Please do email me and let me know about it. Tell me where you are living now and a bit about your time in Barrow upon Soar. Perhaps you have a photo of a happy time in Barrow and/or where you are now. Contact me at: editor@barrowvoice.co.uk I’d love to hear from you.

Karisa Krcmar

Sheila wrote:

Did anyone else get a copy of Barrow Voice for Christmas? Ours came in a package from our lovely friends in Barrow, who regularly send us the magazine.

My husband, David, and I met at Humphrey Perkins as young teachers in September 1963. Apparently, it was so clear that we liked each other that there was a bet going on in the staffroom about how long it would take for David to ask me out. It didn’t take long! We married in January 1965. We lived at Pawdy at first, then moved to Breachfield Road. We loved our time in Barrow with friends, colleagues, pupils and a great community. Happily, we are still in touch with a good number of these lovely people. I took an exchange group of teenagers to Marans in 1964. The staff at Humphreys had plenty of activities to enjoy – cricket, tennis, swimming (we fund-raised the pool), badminton, the odd theatre trip and the famous panto – ‘Cinderladdin & his Wonderful Cat’.

We left Humphrey Perkins School in 1967, David to teach in Leicester, and Ceri was born that November with Jonathon following 18 months later. I turned into a committee lady and was on the Parish Council.

In 1973 we moved to Fleetwood in Lancashire (just up the coast from Blackpool), supposedly for just a few years. We always intended to return but sadly that didn’t happen. Barrow will always hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for Barrow Voice, which helps us keep in touch. Greetings to all who remember us.

(Mrs) Sheila Williams

You can read Sheila’s poem about Barrow upon Soar on the Village Verse Here.

Did you go with Sheila to Marans in 1964? She was the only teacher for 15 teenagers! That wouldn’t be allowed to happen now. She said that the chef at Marans school baked a different cake each day for them. Sheila can remember Anne Branston, Robert Fionda and Margaret Orme by name but still remembers the faces of all the others. Can anyone still remember that trip?

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