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Back-to-back – some home ergonomics

Like many other Barrow residents (who are lucky enough to still be employed), my family and I have been working from home for almost a year now. We have been juggling (and arguing!) over table space and quiet times to make work calls and have online meetings. We got protocols sorted for that and have got used to moving around the house to find the most stable Wi-Fi connection. We worked out where to sit but it took us longer to sort out how to sit. Here are some pictures of my family and me at our work and how we have tried to improve the way we sit and work. This is as important to children doing schoolwork at home as it is for older people.

Biomechanics coach and Pilates instructor, Mairi Taylor agrees that the importance of the way we sit, and what we sit on, plays a huge part in our overall wellbeing, and this was even before we found ourselves working from our kitchen and dining room tables. Poor sitting position can cause discomfort in our backs, arms and wrists but can also induce eye strain, migraines and headaches due to tension around our neck and shoulders. Pelvic floor function is affected as slumping can weaken muscles. Even our mood can be affected as we slouch and breathe shallowly.

According to the NHS, sitting for long periods is thought to slow the metabolism, which affects the body's ability to regulate blood sugar, blood pressure and break down body fat, so is it any wonder some of us are feeling less than fabulous after months of working from home in inappropriate environments, or simply from being inactive and not getting out as much as we used to?

So what can we do? As well as the advice given above you could make sure you do the following:

It doesn't have all be high intensity we simply need to keep moving and bringing our body back in to alignment. Watch these short videos that Mairi has put together to inspire you.

You could also try the following local online classes to support yourself and support your physical and mental health: https://barrowuponsoar.org.uk/community-groups/fitness-groups/pilates-for-healthy-happy-backs.html


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