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  The Coronavirus Issue      First Publised 1975


Special Issue 160 Summer 2020

How to do your own grooming during lockdown

There are a lot of worried dog owners at this difficult time: in particular owners of Poodles, Cockapoos, Cavapoos, Lhasa Apsos, Maltipoos, Shih Tzus, Schnauzers, Bichons and all the long coated cross breeds. The list is endless!

Dog groomers have been forced to close as dog grooming is not classed as an essential business nor is the traveling that would be involved. However, this does mean that some breeds are going to become uncomfortable if not bathed and trimmed regularly.

Here is a guide to help you groom your dog out while you wait for a groomer to be available. The diagram shows the green areas that can be groomed out every week but we suggest that the red areas be groomed out every day. If you go in muddy areas always wash the feet off and groom them out rather than leaving them to dry with the dirt on.
They are harder to groom once dried out. Remember that when your dog becomes matted, it will be very uncomfortable as the knots will pull at the skin and there will be no airflow running through the coat.

Diagram A: A healthy dog coat, free of build-up in the undercoat and allowing air and light to the skin.
Diagram B: Coat with an undercoat developing making it more difficult for air and light to get in and also easier for knots to build up.
Diagram C: The coat is packed with undercoat and dead hair. The skin can begin to show signs of dandruff as the coat is not getting adequate airflow and light through it. Please don’t expect your groomer to make your dog look like it usually does later on when all this over if you haven’t put the time in at home. Your groomer may need to clip the coat short and start again. This can be avoided by good grooming with a good brush first then a comb through afterwards. If anyone is thinking of buying clippers and doing a home trim you may find it difficult with just a few knots. If the dog is matted, trying to trim it can become dangerous and nasty cuts will occur if it’s not done by a professional. Please leave that to us but meanwhile keep your dog groomed out.
All the best from Wash and Wags.

Vicki Wallin

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