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  The Coronavirus Issue      First Publised 1975


Special Issue 160 Summer 2020

Sweet Peas

So, I dropped some leek seedlings and seeds at Tilly's and she gave me some Sweet Peas - lovely.

Decided to plant them in a trough but discovered it was rotten. Emptied it and removed it for repair and discovered that the decking underneath the trough was rotten. Removed a deck board to replace it and discovered the drain underneath was blocked. Removed the drain cover and discovered a huge fatberg in the sewer. So seven hours after starting a 10 minute job I had used a spade, wheelbarrow, saw, hammer, drill, hose, and sewer coil and finished planting my Sweet Peas. Thanks again Tilly!

Andy Boston put it on the Barrow Ringers What's App. I am still giggling as I sow the seeds. It reminds me of the Gerrard Hoffman things from the Oxford Union broadcasts on the radio in the Dark Ages.

Tilly Yates

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